Cutting Black Locust Deadfalls

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Occasionally, when you live on a Quarter Mile Lane, surrounded by beautiful Hardwoods, it becomes necessary to removed deadfalls. Especially those that have fallen across the Laneway. About the time we moved here, there was a big Black Locust Tree that had fallen part way across the Laneway. When the Truck come to Pump the Sceptic just before we took ownership, the Black Locust tree was cut down and left beside the road. It’s been there since and today we cut it up, loaded it on our truck, and brought it up for firewood. It’s going to take sometime before we can use it, it’s going to need to dry more before we’ll be able to burn it. We’re actually pretty new to cutting our own firewood, and doing it on the hillside and virtual cliffs lining the Laneway, it’s quite challenging and rewarding to get it done. 

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