Weed Tea

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This Post features a Briden Farm Garden Tour done 11 August 2022. It’s of our main garden where we’ve pastured pigs, goats, and chickens. Goats and Pigs last year, and chickens in April of this year. We use no Commercial Chemical Fertilizer, and mainly Weed Tea!

No! No! Not that Weed! 

Here’s what I mean… 

See, when You weed your garden, you save the weeds! The weeds, while they’re growing, are sucking the micronutrients out of the soil. So, when you pull the weeds, don’t just toss them aside. Put them in a half bucket of water for a week or so. Then pour it off, or strain the weeds out of it. Then add water, so half weed tea and half fresh water. Then use that mix for watering the garden. It replaces the micronutrients.

I use half tea, half fresh water, to help insure it’s not to hot, or to strong, for the plants. I also do similar teas with the waste left over when we go flounder fishing. Thus creating our own liquid fish fertilizer. 

So, most all of our fertilizer in the garden is from Weed Tea and a bit of our own Liquid Fish Fertilizer, which we call Seafood Chowder


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