Things Are Going Downhill At Briden Farm

Lately, that’s kind of how it feels! Denis has been in the Hospital twice in the past four months, since September 2021. Once with heart issues, and the other stomach related. The first time put us behind on our Fall Chores and made preparations for Winter even more difficult. Then, the most recent stint, actually lasting longer than the visit to the hospital for his heart, it put us in a more tedious position of trying to keep ahead of two Winter Storms, and actually a third this weekend. As I write this today the winds are ranging and the snow is falling and rapidly accumulating outside. Guess that’s better than inside! 

As a result, we’re in a position of playing catch-up, and to make that more complicated our quarter mile Laneway, also known as Rice Mullen Road, has been almost completely snowed in for about two weeks now! 

So, we’re doing everything possible to adjust! Including teaching our Dogs, Roscoe and Holly to help out more and more! Roscoe helps Dad bring in Firewood and helping to Haul our Toboggan, he even helped when Denis recently made The Journey Home

However, even with all that going on we continue to keep things positive and embrace, fun, at Briden Farm. Thus, this video, of me out further breaking the trail, while playing with the dogs, after a recent snowfall. 

Hope You enjoy the video, sorry for the poor audio quality… 

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