There are no Bad Goats, Only Bored Goats!

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It’s true, in most cases, that there are no bad Goats! People think they make great lawn mowers and go around eating tin cans! Not so! Goats, unlike Sheep and Cattle, don’t graze, Goats browse! They’ll go along from bush to bush, leaf to leaf, tree to tree, and so on, and browse as they go. As long as they have something to browse on they’re happy and content. Thus they seldom get bored as long as they’re browsing. However, when they run out of browse, like this time of year when the leaves have fallen, the vegetation has died back, and winter is soon upon us, Goats get bored. Bored Goats get out and about and can quickly find themselves in trouble! Thus it’s important to have good fences and / or closely supervise Your Goats! 
The following video is a quick walk around one section of our rotational pasture and a quick check on our fencing after our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, our Does, got out one day, and that had us Checking Fences at Briden Farm.

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