Sourdough Bread for Earth Day 2024

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I love Bread, and it often gets a bad wrap! No pun intended, well, maybe! All things in Balance, I believe Bread, Breaking Bread, and the practice of making Bread, is very Earthy. Flour is a Raw Food, and when you combine flour with water and leave it sit, it attracts beneficial bacteria from the air! That’s actually how You make a Sourdough Starter. Read what says about the Benefits of Sourdough

So, why not make Sourdough Bread on Earth-Day!? 

To me, it’s a very earthy thing to do and the process helps me get grounded. Having and caring for a Sourdough Starter means providing daily care for a living culture! Yes, Sourdough Starter is a living thing and is something that can be started by anyone, anywhere! So, if you’re living in a place where you can’t have a pet, or garden, animals, etc. You can still benefit from creating, caring for, and maintaining a Sourdough Starter! You’ll be surprised by how tactile and rewarding it can be! 

Sourdough Bread with Everything Bagel Seasoning

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