Smothered Steak, Rice, and Stewed Onions

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Part of the fun at the farm is in the food we eat, it often comes from our farm, or garden, or one nearby and often has been harvested by us, or with friends, and isn’t that what fun is really all about!?

Recently we made, Fried Potatoes, Wild Field Mushrooms, and Steaks, and wrote about that, and now here we are showing off our Smothered Steak, Rice, and Stewed Onions! 

To make it we started with a frying pan on our wood stove and sprayed it with Cooking Spray, from Watkins, so it wouldn’t stick. Then we added the steak, and cut up onions over it, and added in a little water and a couple tablespoons of Watkins Chicken Soup and Gravy mix! Then simmered it, covered, till done. 

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