Roscoe The Sled Dog At Briden Farm

Roscoe the Sled Dog, he’s my buddy, and he seldom leaves my side! Unless I ask him to! We recently had a big snow storm, dumped about a foot of snow on us over night! Not surprising really, it’s that time of year and that amount is possible in just a few hours! Anyway, the next morning our neighbour faithfully come to plow us out! We’re so thankful for all He does!

Unfortunately, following that, He had things happen that make it so he hasn’t, and won’t, be able to do our plowing! At least for awhile! So, now we’re snowed in, with another big storm scheduled to hit here tomorrow! 

Just to make things a little harder, or more interesting perhaps, my better half was also taken out by ambulance the next night! Did I mention we’re snowed in! So, the ambulance could only make it quarter way up our quarter mile, slanted, inclined, Laneway! (Fun Fun). 

So, now, that leaves me here! Alone to run the Farm! 

it’s not all that bad, but till I get things caught up, it’s a bit hectic. Especially trying to respond to all the well meaning people who keep asking how we’re doing! We love Ya for it, but it all takes time! Anyway… 

I still found time to fit in a little fun! 

Fun, yes, but it did mean my taking the toboggan down our quarter mile Laneway… rode it down actually! Then, our friend Gary took me to the Feed Store! I got four bags of feed, each weighing 25kg and then loaded it on the Toboggan and hauled it back up the hill! 

Once I got to the top of the Laneway, and turned the corner, I left the toboggan and all there for a few minutes and went in to get Roscoe and the Harness. I him harnessed up and we brought everything up to the house.

Where, after I unloaded it after Roscoe the Sled Dog and and Holly The Snow Dog had their treats, and I had a cup of tea! Of Course! 

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