Our First Egg comes from a Brahma Chickens

Our First Egg at Briden Farm

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Our First Egg at Briden Farm Follows the arrival of our Buff Brahmas! We had a bit of a scramble this past weekend as we had the opportunity to expand our flock! You can read more about that here…

New Dual Purpose Chickens Come to Briden Farm

After getting our New Chickens, which were told are about 4-5 months old and soon ready to start laying, we become very Eggs-Pectant! 

Watching the new birds, and some of our existing ones, to see if they’re starting to lay! So, when happens, when the day comes when the first egg arrives, it’s an Egg-Sighting Day! 

Some of You know Eggsactly what we mean! Right? 😉  

PS: Yes, we know that’s an Easter Egger Rooster, pictured with the Brahma Hen! 

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