Natural Smoke Cured Woodland Pastured Berkshire Pork & Kennebec Potatoes

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It’s so nice to have a great meal that’s been grown on the Farm! 

Every year I do my best to raise happy pigs, grow delicious, nutritious potatoes, and put quality food in the Larder; so to speak. 

It makes me wonder, each new year, if the exceptional quality will be there!?

Whether it’s like the Supper meal of Naturally Smoke Cured, Woodland Pastured Berkshire Pork, & Kennebec Potatoes or like the Fresh Free Range Eggs pictured below with the Ham and Bacon. Pan fried in our Cast Iron Frying Pan. Of Course! 

 Berkshire Pork Ham and Bacon With Fresh Free Range Eggs

Quality Pork comes from providing a quality life for our Pigs. We use rotational pastures, and regenerative farming techniques that help provide them with fresh pasture and supplement with feed to help provide a balanced diet. Most days our pigs can be seen rooting and chewing in their Woodland Pastures while their little tails spin around with pleasure and excitement. 

We invite You to come visit us at Briden Farm, to Book Your Farm Visit Contact Brian at Briden Farm 902-907-0770 


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