You may have heard, we’ve made some changes in our Pig Herd

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Changes have been happening in our Herd of Berkshire Pigs. Moe and Curly have moved on to Heavenly Pastures and we’ve introduced Lara to three younger pigs, Jack, Elvis, and Babe. Hoping that Babe and Lara become our Piggy Mommas. Lara by Spring and Babe later on. 

This video shows the four getting along quite well after just a couple of days… 

We originally got the three little ones in hopes of breeding them, one of them, Jack or Elvis, to Lara. However, I wasn’t quite calculating things right! As you can see, there’s still a significant size difference between them and Lara. 

So, we’re weighing our options as to what’s best to do about breeding Lara and to whom? We’re working on a couple of different options at the moment. 

As for Babe, it’ll be spring before she’s ready to be bred. There’s never a dull moment around the farm. Especially when you have Pigs and Goats! Fun! Fun! 

Come embrace, the fun, at Briden Farm! Where the Tea is always on, and the Coffee is not far behind! Call Brian today to Book Your Farm Visit. 902-907-0770 

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