Moving Our Berkshire Pigs To Electric Wire Fencing

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We brought Larry, Curly and Moe, our Berkshire Pigs home to Briden Farm on March 27, 2022, when they were just ten weeks old. They’re now about 17 weeks old.

We’ve actually had them on Woodland Pasture since their arrival. Introducing them to Electric Wire Fencing a couple weeks ago. It’s first time using Electric Wire Fencing for pigs, and I really wondered! t’s hard to believe you can string a couple, or three strands of wire, hook it to a fence charger, and have those pigs stay in their pasture! It’s incredible to see…

I could watch them All day! They’re incredible to watch! Seeing how they interact, how the work, and how they recognize things like the white fence posts and electric wires. You can literally see that they recognize it! 

If you’ve never sat and watched Pigs work! We invite You to come spend sometime at Briden Farm. Call Now to Book A Time to Visit. Call Brian at (902) 907-0770 

2 Replies to “Moving Our Berkshire Pigs To Electric Wire Fencing”

  1. Brian: I noticed on your web site that you are having tractor troubles. I have a friend in my home town of Port Williams that is a retired tractor dealer. His son is now operating Van Oostrum Farm Equipment.
    My friends name is Jos VanOostrum and although he is retired, he may know of someone in your area that can work on your tractors. Jos may or may not be able to help you.
    Have a GREAT day and we miss you at Lodge.

    1. Thanks Dave, I did a slight edit to your Comment. Basically I removed his phone number to prevent unwanted calls. I think I may have the tractor 🚜 situation nearly looked after. If not I’ll definitely give him a call. I appreciate it Brother.

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