Lara Is Having Piglets

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It’s an exciting time at Briden Farm as our Gilt, female Pig, gets ready to Farrow (have babies) and become a Sow! One of the sure signs is when her body starts to show obvious signs of soon being able to feed her piglets…

Lara’s Body Preparing for Motherhood

Another she sign is when she builds her nest, which usually indicates the birthing will start within the next 12-24 hours. Just look at the beautiful nest she’s built…

Lara’s First Nest

I suspect by tomorrow morning we may have our first piglets and I also suspect this may be a sleepless night for Lara and I. I’ll do my best to keep You as up-to-date as things progress. 

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  1. Lara you will be a great mommy, New piglet babies… oh i can’t wait to meet these new babies when they are born ❤️

    Congratulations Briden Farm on a soon to be new family members 🤗

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