Momma Pig, Lara, and all 8 Baby Piglets are doing well

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It was quite a night, she was just 5 hours ahead of her due date, and she remained very calm and gentle throughout the 4-5 hour process. She was very gentle, with the babies and with me as I sat with her and as you can see in one of the Videos I was even patting her.

Lara with Her 8 Baby Piglets

This morning she was up and drank some water and when she went back to lay down she laid near the piglets and let them come to her. Well done Lara, well done! 

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2 Replies to “Momma Pig, Lara, and all 8 Baby Piglets are doing well”

  1. YA! That must have been bot exciting and concerning at the same time. Exciting that the little piglets were being born and seemingly in great health, and concerning because you were sitting next to an animal that was giving birth for the first time and that outweighed you by at LEAST a factor of X2 !! WELL DONE Sir, well done!

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