Homemade Linguine, Fresh Zucchini, and Muscovy Duck

At Briden Farm, We love Watkins Products because they’re so fresh and tasty! Even the Salad Dressing Mixes add a certain zing to a meal!

After cooking our Homemade Linguine, to Al Dente, I added it to the Cast Iron Frying Pan and sautéed it in Watkins Italian Salad Dressing!

After it was done, I added the Duck from the slow cooker, and browned the meat in the frying pan.

While, in another frying pan, cast iron of course, I lightly grilled our cut up, garden fresh, zucchini! Then added it as a side; but only after dropping a few blueberries in the pan to be warmed with it. Adding a touch of colour and sweetness! 

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