Caterpillars Can Be Dangerous

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I don’t ever remember having to worry about Caterpillars 🐛 when I was a kid. We used to play with them! 

I wasn’t playing with them this week, but I did find out how dangerous they can be! It was probably a Tussock Moth Caterpillar. 

I wish I had of taken pictures, but the searing pain and burning sensation of a rash that developed after coming in contact with one hurt so much the last thing I was thinking about was getting pictures! 

Here’s a good article…

What Parents Should Know About Caterpillars

I’m not one to worry about such things, nor do I think we should limit children or impose our fears on them! However, we should be aware! We should also know how to treat it if it happens to you or them!

I used Renew Lotion from Melaleuca because I was out of Petro Carbo Salve from Watkins. It took the burn out and was pretty well healed up by the next morning. While the above article says a cortisone cream helps also. 

The featured picture, of the tussock moth caterpillar, comes from Wiki Commons. Click Here to Read that Article

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