Head Cheese at Briden Farm

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You know, The Head Cheese At Briden Farm, is totally different than the Cheese Head at Briden Farm… and I should know! (Chuckle) 

Now, if You ask people if they like Head Cheese they probably make a funny face and their eyes roll back in their Heads! Most people are turned off by the name! Thus Head Cheese gets a bad wrap! 

Now, for just a moment, imagine that we’ve not mentioned Head Cheese! Imagine the Title is Pork Terrine At Briden Farm. 

Now, that would have a totally different flavour wouldn’t it! Right? 

Delighted Cooking describes Head cheese as “not actually cheese, but a jellied meat dish … which typically takes the form of a large sausage and is served sliced as a cold cut. Alternatively, it may be made in a mold or pan and served as a terrine” which is described as “a French meat loaf dish made with ground or finely chopped meat and served at room temperature”. 

Now that’s something you can sink your teeth into! Right? 

Thanks to our friend Karen, so can We! Right here at Briden Farm! If You’d like to try it, come visit! 

Or… if you’re really adventurous…

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