Baking Cookies In The Wood Stove Oven

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It’s been awhile since I’ve baked Cookies, and it’s also been awhile since We’ve enjoyed our Wood Stove! Nearly eight months since we last lit our Stove! Often it’s more like six months, but we’ve been blessed with warmer temperatures this year. Although it’s been rainy, it’s meant not having to start our Wood Stove till today! December Third! 
Now, the warmth of a Wood Stove Fire is incredible, it doesn’t just warm, it caresses your face, lifts your spirits, and well… takes you back to your childhood and makes you want fresh, homemade, cookies! 

So, today, after cleaning the Chimney on Wednesday, and cleaning the Stove yesterday, it was time! Time to start the Wood Stove for the Winter and to Bake Homemade Cookies! 

Some of the best, and simplest, cookies I know how to make are Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies! They may be simple, but when you add Watkins Products, like we do, it really helps elevate the simple to the sublime! To see how I tweaked the Recipe …

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