Growing A Self Sustaining Future

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When we think of growing self sustaining, we often think of gardening and the meat we can put on the plate. However, to be truly self sustaining we need go deeper than this! We really need to begin and work from the ground up! For only then can we truly become free! 

We need to produce our own fertilizer, preferably natural fertilizer, and develop our own food and feed. Without fertilizer, without the ability to create our own fertilizer we will always be beholden to others. Dependent on the System! 

Perhaps that is why it gives me such immense pleasure to see us turning animal waste, manure, hay, etc., into well developed compost. It will in turn be used in our gardens, and eventually to help grow livestock feed! 

While manure and compost may not be the end all and be all, it sure does provide an uncanny sense of accomplishment! Just knowing we’re that much closer to being able to grow our own food, and survive when the crap hits the fan! 

Creating Compost helps a Self Sustaining Future 

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