Everyday Is An Easter Egg Hunt At Briden Farm

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Monday past, we picked up some beautiful Bovan Brown Hens, One Hundred of them to be exact! We got a good deal on them, and had hopes of selling them! Well, we’ve discovered not everyone is looking for Chickens! Well, at least not right now, it being a week before Christmas and all! However, we’ve been quite impressed with these Bovan Brown Hens! 

We already have our own mixed flock of chickens, who because of the time of year, moulting, and the shortness of the daylight hours, are barely laying!

Whereas these Bovan Brown Hens are keeping us busy! Busy with Easter Egg Hunts! 

These Free Ranging Bovan Browns lay beautiful big brown eggs and they lay them all over! Actually they are very trainable! Before coming to us they were free ranging in outdoor chicken tractors and not used to roosting, nor laying in nest boxes! So, they’ve been laying everywhere! 

We have them free ranging in fenced pastures and they’re quite content, and content to lay their Free Range Eggs everywhere! They’re also quite content to sleep anywhere, and everywhere! 

So, we’ve been training them to lay in nest boxes and to come back to their shelter at night. They’re actually pretty intelligent and catching on quite quickly! The first couple of nights we had to go get them, where they’d all huddled in the corner of the pasture we’d turned them loose in!

Although, by the third night they were all in their shelter!

Not only did we have to train them to come back to their shelter at night. Which they did quite well once we started feeding and watering them there during the day.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “When the Chickens come home to Roost!”Right? Well, We actually had to train them to roost, by carefully placing them on the roosts! Nightly! 

They’ve been here for about five days now, and they’re almost fully trained! It takes patience, and persistence, but will make it easier and safer for them, as well as whoever they’re new owners are! 

We’re not sure how long we want to keep 100 Chickens!

So, we are selling some of these beautiful Bovan Brown Laying Hens for just $10 each. Since our Daily Easter Egg Hunts are yielding about 35-40 eggs a day, we also have extra free range eggs and are selling them for just $4 a Dozen!

So, if you want to join us for an Easter Egg Hunt (the week before Christmas!), or you’re looking for Bovan Brown, Free Range Laying Hens, or Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs!
Come see us at Briden Farm, where Everyday Is An East Egg Hunt! Phone Us At 902-907-0770 

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