Come Visit the Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

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So, You like Dinosaurs! Wouldn’t it be interesting if You could see one? Of Course it would! Right? 

Now, perhaps You know, or You’ve heard, that Chickens are related to, or descendants of, Dinosaurs! Of course that’s not true! Is it? 

It’s interesting that Earth Buddies refers to a Scientific Study and says… 

“The scientists were also comparing the DNA of a Mastodon fossil to modern days animals and the result was amazing. They found that the proteins found in the T-Rex fossil were most similar to those of chickens, and the mastodon were most similar to modern day elephants.”

So, it would be easy to assume that Chickens may be descendants of Dinosaurs! Right?

Now, further compounding this assumption is National Geographic when it states that…

“fossils of its hind limbs in addition to its skull—has features similar to both ducks and chickens, suggesting it was related to the shared ancestor of both groups.”

However, and thankfully, Randy, over at Randy’s Chicken Blog, looked at this and found some interesting information regarding Chickens and Dinosaurs. Then after carefully weighing the evidence draws the conclusion that… 

“Chickens are dinosaurs.”  Pretty much every evolutionary biologist and paleontologist worth their salt long ago came to the conclusion that birds are descended directly from dinosaurs.  And chickens, of course, are birds.  Today it has become generally accepted by scientists that birds are not descended from dinosaurs, but, in fact, are dinosaurs.

So, if You like Dinosaurs, we invite You to come to Bear River to see our Dinosaurs at Briden Farm, where the Tea is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind! 

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