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Hi Everyone; 

Brian here, and I want to let you all know we’re excited about the Launch of our Online Store! Although it’s not a place for us to sell our Hemp Seed and Livestock Feed, Chickens, Goats, Muscovy Ducks, Rabbits, Hatching Eggs, etc., We’ll continue to do that here, at the Farm! It is a fun place to shop and explore to find keepsakes, souvenirs, and memorabilia with the Briden Farm website, logo, and so on! Plus, some items with beautiful photos of the animals and Farm, and the areas around Bear River! In fact, we’ve even had some people asking if we can do some things with photos of other areas! We think that might be a distinct possibility! 

Now, we also want to say thank you for your support and help You get some of our Briden Farm Online Store items!

We also want to keep you up-to-date on all our news, new items, and other activities too! So, We want to offer you $10.00 to spend on our new Online Store! So, what’s the Catch!? 

The catch is, we want you to subscribe for Free to our Briden Farm Newsletter, and for doing so, We’re going to give you your choice of $10 Off an Order of $40 or more, or 10% off any order!

All You need to do to get your discount is …

Click Here to Subscribe to our Briden Farm Newsletter

We hope you’ll take our offer, subscribe to our Newsletter and let us give you a Discount at our Briden Farm Online Store. After You’ve subscribed to our Newsletter we’ll send you the Coupon. If you have any questions, or concerns, please give us a call at 902-907-0770. 


Brian Hurlburt 

Old Goat & Chicken Chaser


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