We’ve Waited Three Years For This!

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Seems strange, I know, but we really have waited (actually worked) three years for this! Oh, we’ve had a variety of vegetables and meats over the past three years. Vegetables and meats we’ve grown and raised. Many good meals! 

However, this is the first time we’ve provided ourselves with a complete meal with Meat, Potatoes, Vegetables, and Salad. It’s as much of a timing thing and a growing thing! 

Yet, when it all comes together, especially for the first time, it’ll darn near bring tears to one’s eyes! Knowing it is really possible to grow our own food and put complete meals on the table! 

Salad with lettuce, radish, onion greens, Swiss chard, and more. Followed by Irish Cobbler Potatoes, Provider Green Beans, Gold Rush Yellow Beans, Stanhope Peas, and Woodland Pastured Berkshire Pork. 

I did an earlier post today about “Our First Harvest”. It was actually just half of our first Harvest at the Barn Property, as we divided it giving half away and keeping some for ourselves. Making two remarkable meals!

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