Using Animals to turn Fields of Invasive Plants into Gardens

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It’s been. a long process, when we went to The Barn Property on the 31 August 2022 it was at the request of the Family there, and the main goal was to keep the fields from becoming overgrown. 

The property consisted mostly old burnt out hay fields, Lupine, Hawthorns, Goldenrod, and Japanese Knotweed. Here are some photos from Fall 2022 …

Barn Property Fall 2022

Time Passes…. 18 months later… Spring 2024 

As You can see, the fields, even the area under the now thinned out Hawthorns has green grass growing. Actually, we had green grass by Mid-March. A true testament to the incredible work of our animals.

The following video shows a particular area that has not yet been worked as much as the other areas. An area where Hawthorn Saplings and Lupine has begun to take over. An area where our goats have grazed only briefly twice, and that our pigs turned up this Spring. Showing how persistent the Lupine are, and how much they’ve grown in the few weeks to a month since our pigs worked that ground. Here’s the Video…

The results are incredible, especially over time. As this year unfolds I’ll try to bring you updates as to the progress. I’m really not sure how the Corn, Sunflowers, and Peas will grow here, but we’ll find out and hopefully document our success here! We welcome Your Comments. 

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