Ti Gris is one of Two Cats at Briden Farm

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A couple of thing we don’t seem to post about very often are our two Cats, Ti Gris and Her Mom, Une Tache! Mainly because we don’t really consider them part of the Farm! Actually they’re more like family! (Our Girls) 

Une Tache
Une Tache, our other girl, is Ti Gris’ Mother

My question for You, and you’re welcome to post your answer in the Comments below,

How old do You think Ti Gris is? 

3 Replies to “Ti Gris is one of Two Cats at Briden Farm”

  1. Since I’m fairly new to your blog…I’d say your beautiful feline Ti Gris could be 5 years old? I can’t wait to me her when I visit! Merry Christmas to you all! Be well, stay safe!

  2. I’m so happy to see that you got cats! I can’t imagine an old farmhouse without cats by the fire. I’ll come visit as soon as it warms up!

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