Our Site was Offline due to a Texas Snow Storm!

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

When we first started building Websites, we went with an Ontario based website host, a company who keep a large resource computer online that makes it possible for websites to show up on the World Wide Web. Over the years they’ve provided us incredible Hosting Online Conferencing, and the Tools and Support needed to become successful. They even provide training at no extra cost! In 2007, Joel Therien moved the Company to San Antonio, Texas because they have the Internet Fiber and Infrastructure necessary to expand and grow World Wide and continue to provide the website hosting, tools, online tools, and support they’d become known for! It all went very well, until…

This past week Texas, Southern Texas was hit with the worst storm they’ve had in over 50 Years! The whole place was brought to a standstill, streets were covered in ice, and the whole thing came crashing down! San Antonio has no contingency plan, no snow equipment, and no way to deal with any of this other than simply to tell people to stay home and wait for it to melt! After all, Southern Texas doesn’t get snow, or ice, right!?

The good news is, it’s only taken about three days to get our Sites back online, and through it all Joel Therien and GVO have done everything possible to keep us updated, getting us backed up, and and back up, as quickly as possible! Now that’s a Web Host You can Count on! 

If You happen to need a great Webhost, at Briden Farm we depend on GVO

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