Incubating Chicken Eggs

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We’re on Day 19, or is it 18? Some say you count the first day, others say no, some say if you put your eggs in the incubator in the morning you count the day you put them in as day one, others… well You get the idea! 

One thing we do know is the Temperature should be 37.5 C, or 99.5 F. It should remain at this throughout and the Incubator should be opened as little as possible! Most say you should only open the Incubator every 6 – 8 hours when you turn the eggs.  Although there are those who say You should turn them more often! 

Then there’s the matter of moisture, or Humidity! Some say you need to keep it steady between 45-50% Humidity for the first 18 Days. Others say that’s to high and it should only be 25-50% and yet others find more success with Dry Hatches! 

So, as You can see, it’s an exact Science! My hypothesis is it’s a science best left to a bird brain like Mother Hen who understands it all better than the best Breeder! 

However, with Day Old Chicks that usually sell for just a few dollars currently selling in the $5-$10 range, more and more people are trying to hatch their own eggs! Well, actually Their not really theirs, the poor hen did lay them after all! 

That reminds me, we do have Fertilized Hatching Eggs and will hopefully have Day Old Chicks for sale very soon! 

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