Merry Christmas from Briden Farm

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We want to take this opportunity to wish You, One and All, a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Briden Farm.

We value all of You, whether this is your first visit, or if this is one of many return visits made over the past 55 days since we launched our Website! We appreciate You! By the way, We’ve actually had some 3,610 Visitors make 8,182 visits to the Website! (Incredible). 

A word about our Christmas Tree, it’s a bit misshapen, and maybe a bit sparse in places, but it comes from here! Harvested here at Briden Farm!

Please know that You’re welcome to come visit, now, or over the Holidays or in the future! We really enjoy it when people visit, and seeing them smile and relax, as they interact with our animals and embrace nature, leaving their fear behind and embracing the fun here at Briden Farm, where the Tea is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind! Come Visit! 

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