It’s A Very Eggsighting Day at Briden Farm

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The Chicks in the Eggs in our Incubator are starting to Pip! Which means It’s A Very Eggsighting Day at Briden Farm! It also means that the Chicks inside the Eggs have started picking their way out of the Shells!   

Over the next few days we’ll be posting Photos, Videos, and hopefully some Live Streaming Videos as we move from the Pipping stage toward, and hopefully get to the Hatching Stage! 

Over the next few days we will be posting Live Streaming Videos to Chicken TV at Briden Farm. Including the Pipping and Hatching Stage. (Click Here to View Now)

If You’re interested in Hatching Eggs, or Day Old Chicks, we should soon have both! Come See Us or Call 902-907-0770. 

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