550,000 Visits to our Briden Farm Website

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So, they’ve changed the way they display our Website Stats and it now takes a little math to figure out the total number of all time visits and visitors. Thankfully we did a post on January 8, 2023. At that time we’d had 500,414 Visits made by some 182,602 Visitors. Truly incredible! 

So, if we look at the Visits 500,414 + 48,665 over the past 60 days it = 549,079 Visits since our Launch the 30 October 2020. With about 10% of them happening in 2023. 

Similarly for our Visitors 182,602 as at 8 January 2023 + 14,869 over the past 60 days for a total of 197,471 Visitors! Wow! 

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