Yin & Yang Co-Parenting Muscovy Ducklings

About 5 weeks ago, when Yin, one of our Muscovy Ducks got roomy and began sitting on eggs, we hoped, and prayed, we’d have some new Ducklings. We expected them to hatch about July 7th and we did our best to keep Her and her eggs healthy, and happy! 

What we didn’t expect was for Her sister, Yang to lay some eggs in the same nest and then also sit on them! So, now we have the two sitting on the same nest, and mothering the same Ducklings! Yin & Yang Co-Parenting Little Muscovy Ducklings. 

Friends and Family are always welcome to come embrace, the fun, at Briden Farm. Where the Tea Is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind. Call to make sure we’re home: 902-907-0770.

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