Une Tache (8 April 2003 – 26 April 2021)

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Une Tache was a true family member, our daughter in many respects. Eighteen years ago, while living in Wellington, Yarmouth County, we went to Plympton, Digby County, to get a kitten. We came home with two, Une Tache and her sister Princess who passed about 7 years ago. Thankfully we still have Ti Gris, Une Tache’s 16 year, 7 month old, daughter. However, this has been a very sad evening for us as Une Tache has departed to make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge. I envision that Rainbow spanning a great River, and waiting there, for us, on the far shore, are all those pets we’ve had over the years! While last night, Une Tache slept the whole night with me, tonight she’s sleeping with her sister Princess. So, though Our eyes are filled with tears, and our hearts with sadness, tonight Une Tache and Princess are celebrating on distance shores! We will always miss You both, my Sweeting and My Sweetheart! 😉 

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