The Shocking Truth about Electric Fences

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I remember when I was a kid, there was one place my Nephew and I would go trout fishing along a meadow. That meadow was so beautiful, it twisted along as it ran through a Farmer’s pasture. As we made our way along the Brook, we encountered the Electric Fence. In those days it was a constant current fence. It’d wake you up when you crawled under it, and if you happened to take hold of it, it took hold of You! It would almost hold on! It was hard to let go! 

Today, thankfully, we use a pulse type electric fence, not a constant current. To me it sort of works the opposite, if you’re holding the fence wire when the electric pulse comes through it’ll make you jump, a little, but it makes you take your hand off of it! 

This is the type of fence wire we use for our pigs…

Portable Electric Fencing Polywire

At least I know that, although it deters them, it doesn’t really hurt them. I know because I have touched it, and been shocked repeatedly over the past few years. It’s actually just a little picnic. Even when it’s registering 10,000 Volts, it’s not actually that bad! It’s just that the Pigs are smart! Maybe smarter than me!? 

You might be wondering how I know when the fence is registering 10,000 Volts! Right? That’s because we use an Electric Fence Tester, similar to this one…

Electric Fence Tester

In fact, I’ve just added both of these to my Shopping Cart at Amazon! By the way, if you happen to buy these items by clicking on the pictures above, I may earn a little from Amazon! Thanks! 😉 

So, the Shocking truth is not that bad! If You’d like to come see how we use these fences, or maybe even see how it feels!? Call Brian at Briden Farm 902-907-0770.

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  1. We had electric fences for our pig pen. I remember my dad showing me what it felt like to get a little shock.

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