The First Garden Sprouts In 2022

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It’s a very rewarding experience, to grow a garden! 🪴 

Especially when it’s our second year working, utilizing Goats and Pigs, and now an actual Tiller, to turn woodlands into gardens! 

I’m typically a pretty good gardener, but last year my ego took a kicking! Our garden was terrible! I spent money on seed, spent hours of back breaking work and had no tiller! Planted about 400-5000 Sq Ft by hand and had very little to show for it! It was very discouraging! 

This year, We decided to downsize to about half the area. We ran the goats, chickens, and pigs through it! Then the Tiller, thankfully we found an affordable rear tine, reversing tine, tiller for a decent price! Having that tiller is helping to break up the ground even more. Actually slicing through the larger roots! Tree 🌳 Roots! 

It’s quite something seeing not only the size, but number of roots! Massive Root Structures! The trees have been, at least in the gardens, mostly gone for over a year. Yet the roots were still there! The pigs do a great job, but there are just so many, it’s impossible for them to get them all. 

So, it’s actually making me feel better, knowing that with all those roots competing with last year’s vegetables, it’s a wonder we had any garden at all! 

The other issue we have is finding a way to cut, not only the trees in the gardens, but those that cast shade on the gardens! It’s a battle! Although I think we are moving in the right direction! 

It’s encouraging to see things sprouting! If only we can keep them coming, growing to maturity. I knew when we started it would be a 3-5 year project! 3-5 years just to get a decent garden! It’s definitely a labour of love! ❤️ 

Another thing I love is that this year we have lots of composted hay, manure, and organic materials to use to help enrich the soil and help provide nutrients to the vegetables. Combine that with removing the competition of the roots, and it is promising! We may not have a great garden this year, but I do pray it’s better than last year! 

So far we have Radish, Spinach, Beets, Lettuce, Peas, and Potatoes poking out above the ground! It also makes me hope that these frosty nights soon come to an end. A week ago it looked like the frost was over, but tonight will be the second frosty night in the past week. So, here hoping and praying everything survives and thrives! 

If you’d like to come see our gardens, the ways we’re turning woodlands to gardens, and other aspects of how we’re doing this as naturally as possible, using goats, pigs, and natural fertilizers and organic matter to enrich and grow our gardens, come visit us at Briden Farm. 

To Book Your Visit, No Charge, Donations greatly appreciated, please call Brian at Briden Farm 902-907-0770. 

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