Team Tryson We’re Fighting For You

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I want to tell you all about Team Tryson! Tryson is a young fellow who is in the IWK Children’s Hospital. He’s fighting! We’re fighting with Him! Praying and Lending as support as We’re able! We want You to join us! 

First though I want to tell You why… 

See, We’ve never met Tryson, but we know his Aunt Kim! It’s because we know Tryson’s Aunt Kim that we know about Tryson and his battle! It’s because we know about Tryson and His Battle that we know what an inspiration Tryson and Team Tryson have become! 

In a time when our World is in a spin, Team Tryson is growing by leaps and bounds! Their FaceBook Page was created 2 January 2021 and gained over 5,000 Members in just over two weeks! That’s because everyone wants to help support Tryson, and encourage His parents, Troy and Lindsay. Another reason for that support, and the Group Membership growing so fast is because Tryson has become an inspiration to many!

In these difficult times, the spirit and determination shown by Tryson, and Team Tryson, is inspiring us, and encouraging all of us to reprioritize, to recognize the things that really matter, like health, friends, and family!

So, while we send our support in the fight for Team Tryson, we also thank Tryson, and the entire Team, for helping us learn these valuable lessons. Thank You Tryson! Get Well Soon! We’re looking forward to Your visiting us at  Briden Farm, here in Bear River, Nova Scotia.

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