Spreading Ashes On Gardens

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Many of us in this neck of the woods heat our homes in stoves fueled with firewood; and that firewood creates ashes. Often those ashes are just discarded, or tossed out. However, there are a number of uses for firewood ashes from Wood Stoves. 

Yes, seriously, ashes can be used for everything from Stain Remover and Deicer to Household Cleanser and Odor Remover! Read what Napoleon has to Say!

So, if you have Wood Ashes you’re not using please let us know we’d really appreciate having them. We actually want them for a replacement for chemical fertilizers and garden lime! 

There’s nothing like wood heat to comfort us during our cool, damp winters. Unless it’s the vegetables that have been helped to grow by using the firewood ashes of our Wood Stoves! We may even use some of them to make Lye, for making Goat Milk Soap! Read more about Soap Making on Countryfarm Lifestyles.

Whether from Hard, or Soft, wood, ashes contain phosphorus, potassium, calcium, boron, and other elements that growing plants need. Ash is also very alkaline and sweetens and raises pH levels of soil. Click here to read The Chronicle and see what it says about replacing Lime with Ash. 

In fact, ashes may also be used to deter insects and other garden pests! 

Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you all of this, after all, we’d like you to give us your Wood Ashes! Or at least your extra wood ashes! 

By the way, never use Wood Ashes on your Potatoes, or where you plan to plant them! It’ll probably cause them to become scabby! 

Do you have other uses for Ashes from your firewood Stove? 

If You have ashes you’re not using, we’d love to have them…

Please contact Brian at Briden Farm 902-907-0770. 

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