Lara’s Week Old Piglets Are Alive And Well

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Lara’s week old Piglets have sure grown! Actually it seem longer than a week ago that I was sitting with Her while she gave birth to these eight amazing little baby piglets. A natural birth, no crating, and a week later Mom, Lara, and all eight baby pigs are alive and healthy!

Which is pretty incredible since this is Lara, our Berkshire Pig’s, first time farrowing and having piglets. Considering we didn’t crate her, and let things happen naturally! With it also being our first time overwintering pigs and ever having a pregnant pig! 

Now, while I give most of the credit to Lara, and answer to prayer, I did take some preparatory steps to help insure the outcome. Mainly, in December when Lara weighed about 300 lbs, now about 450 lbs, we put two smaller pigs, Elvis and Babe, in with Her. All three spent the Winter together. When inside they shared a stall. Since Babe and Elvis were about a third the size of Lara, it was a good opportunity for her to learn how to maneuver around without laying on or otherwise crushing them. Although, it’s an incredible thing when a 450 lb mother manages to safely have, and care for, eight little piglets that only weigh about two to three pounds at birth! 

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