I’m here to tell You a Raw and Woolly Yarn!

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Whether You spell it Woolly, or Wooly, it’s great! Even in the Raw! Warm in the Winter, Cool in the Summer, and naturally flame retardant! Great for everything from Liquid Fertilizer to Wool Pants, to Yarn for Sweaters and Mittens to Crafts like Felting! The things wool can be used for are almost endless, and the Yarns that have been told about it, and adventures with Sheep! Some of them are right down Wooly and Raw! 

When I was a kid, my Dad had about 30 Sheep, and before I come along at His Farm’s peak He had about 300 Sheep, 125 Cattle, and all the side trimmings. So, it’s always been my dream to own sheep! 

That dream was realized last Fall, and now, today, another dream come true! We got to shear them, well, technically not us, but Peter, the guy we hired to shear them. We found him great 5o work with, and we didn’t get fleeced, but we did get some beautiful fleece! 

A mixed bag really, while we kept the pure Babydoll Wool separate, and the Shetland Babydoll Mixed Breed Wool in bags of its own. We did have some mixed Arcott Friesian mixed bags of Wool. Yes Sir, Yes Sir! Three Bags Full! Unfortunately, none of it is Black Wool. 

So, now the question begs, what to do with our Wool!?

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  1. I’m sure there are still those folks out there ( although likely very few) who would take the wool, send it to ? for cleaning, carding and made into yarn for those nice warm fisherman’s socks my grandma made. And the heavy wool mitts. I remember those days well

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