Holly Comes to Briden Farm

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We’re very pleased to tell You that we now have a Dog at Briden Farm! Not just any Dog either! As some of You know, I have been waiting and hoping for a Dog who just needs a good home! Perhaps one where her Senior Owners have reached the point where they just need a good home for their Dog. If possible I’d like that Dog to be a Little River (Nova Scotia Duck Toller) and Golden Retriever mix. We had two of these Dogs, one after the other, when I was growing up and they’re so great! So, kind of like when we asked for the impossible last Summer when God led us to our Homestead that we now call Briden Farm, I also have been praying for the impossible when it comes to getting a Dog! Well, with God things are never impossible! A day or two ago a friend recommended us as the potential new parents of Holly, and now Holly has come to live at Briden Farm and we’ve been able to help Her former owners, Seniors, and she is a Little River / Gold Retriever mix just like we asked for! So, Holly Comes to Briden Farm! The photo looks like I’m scowling, but it’s just my inability to take a good Selfie! I’m actually very happy! 😉 

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