Franklin Brook at Briden Farm, Bear River, Nova Scotia

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Franklin Brook flows through the back end of Briden Farm and into the West Branch Bear River on Parker Road.

A word should be included here about West Branch Bear River, which according to Ray’s Corner, and the post, “A Good Place to Grow Up OR A River Runs Through It – Nova Scotia Version”, is also shown on some modern maps as Franklin River. Probably because it flows from the headwaters of Franklin Lake. The River leaves Franklin Lake and flows through Lake Jolly, and the Tobeatic, before meeting Franklin Brook just above Parker Road; and continuing downstream to flow under River Road at the corner of Briden Farm before flowing into the main branch of Bear River at the Head of The Tide. Upstream of the Village of Bear River. 

Franklin Brook flows through the back end of Briden Farm providing a nice walk through bottom lands and hardwoods which lay between Parker Road and Bear River’s Gulch Power Station. Road access to Franklin Brook is possible, but challenging, from the bridge on Parker Road it is possible but there is no actual parking and the section upstream of the bridge can be tricky to maneuver. 

In the future we hope to develop walking tours of Briden Farm, including the bottomlands along Franklin Brook.  

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