Cutting And Hauling Wood

Never. Dull moment at Briden Farm, and in this video You’ll see me bringing out an 8 foot log with my 1979 International Lo Boy Tractor. 

What it doesn’t show is how, or where, I’m cutting. It also doesn’t tell you that prior to getting our Stihl chainsaw last Fall, I hadn’t used one in about 35 Years! Or, that even back then it was only one afternoon while helping a friend trim some saplings in his backyard.

Likewise, I probably haven’t drove a tractor in 40 Years!,

So, it’s incredible to me to be able to cut trees, on our own land, on a hillside! To be able to get around, maneuvering around trees, and obstacles, on a Hillside!

Now, this is no gentle rolling field, it’s old switchback roads, on a steep grade, with somewhat composted, soft leaf covered, soil. So there’s a bit of back sliding, a bit of praying, and a whole lot of hoping!

However, cutting trees, clearing pasture, and eventually after running our Goats and Pigs through it, turning it into Gardens, while hauling logs to make firewood and maybe even some lumber, sure comes with a real sense of accomplishment, and it all helps us become even more self reliant! 

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