Farmhouse Recipes: Bear with Me Valentines Cake

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One of my favouritest treats when I was a kid was when my Mom would make Chocolate Cake! I still love Chocolate Cake, but it has to be good!

A good recipe for chocolate cake is hard to find! So, when I made this Bear Cake for Valentines it was a pleasant surprise to have it turn out so good! 

This little Bear with Me Valentines Cake was a hit! So cute, and so very delicious! That’s why we’ve chosen to make this our Farm House Recipe!

Rather than repeat the whole recipe here, Click over to All Recipes and see the Recipe there….

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Please note that this cake batter is very liquidy! All most to the point of making one wonder if it’s going to be ok! It is! 

For the Icing, at least the main icing recipe…

Lantic Sugar Icing Recipes
I used the one on the bag of Lantic Sugar

Of course I did tweak it, I added some Watkins Raspberry Extract Flavouring. 
I also used Watkins Baking Vanilla, which is actually Watkins Double Strength Vanilla, rebranded as Baking Vanilla. Which means You only have to use half what the recipe calls for! 

The other thing I changed was the Half and Half Cream. We didn’t have any so, I did a Google Search and found three good ones over on Spruce Eats. The one I used was the table spoon of Butter and cup of Whole Milk. Of course the recipe only called for 90ml and not wanting to waste anything …

I made two specialty coffees with the left over half and half substitute! Adding some Watkins Caramel Flavour and a little Honey! 

Now, for the decorating icing, I found a recipe for Butter Cream Icing, and I found that at You can always count on good ole Betty! 

I’ve mentioned a few of the Products I used were from Watkins Products Company. A company that started way back in 1868. Well over 150 years ago! I sell those products, and if you’d like more info on that you can visit  Needless to say, since it’s been around for that long! You just know Watkins Products are good! 

So, since this cake turned out so well, I am looking forward to making another Cake! Although it may not be quite as well decorated! Lol. 

By the way, even the Sprinkles on the Cake come from Watkins! As did the Food Colouring! 

Have Questions? Have Recipes? We’d love to hear from You! 

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