Honestly, it seems a little strange to put a Donations Page on our Briden Farm website.

However, because people like what We’re doing and want to support us, in our efforts of Good Stewardship and regenerative farming, while caring for our animals and poultry, some have asked us to make it possible for them to Donate!

We really appreciate it! It’s not like we make money from our Homestead or Farming! Yes, we sell some thing’s, but honestly it just helps us cover costs! 

Yes, we do help rehome some pets and livestock and we do what we can to help them, and others we encounter. I really do appreciate those who recognize this. 

We also provide Farm Tours, including information about the regenerative, rotational, upcycling, bedding, and natural no chemical, techniques we use in our farming, gardening, livestock management, and land enrichment practices.

Although, because We’re a Homesteading Farm and not a Non-Profit, or Charity, having a page for Donations still seems a little strange. However, if you do want to help us in our efforts, we do genuinely appreciate it. So, here’s the link…

Click Here To Donate Now

~ Thanks ~