Maple Syrup Season Has Begun At Briden Farm

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People may tell me I’m early, but I listen to the Trees! 

Actually, when I just can’t wait any longer to taste that sweet, embrace that smell, and feel that steam on my face, then… It’s  Maple Time! 

Now, I really am that passionate about it, and I even taste the first drops of sap when I tap the tree! 🌳 

However, it does take warmer, 4°C (40°F) Daytime Temperatures and Freezing Nights. That’s when the Sap, the  Natural Maple Water, flows best. When temperatures are to low, or remain above freezing, the Sap does not run as well. 

If You’ve never experienced the tastes, smells, and feel of fresh Maple Syrup or had it touch Your Soul you’re missing out on what it means to be! Ok, probably what it means to be Canadian! Although the USA does produce in places like Vermont, New York, Maine, and Pennsylvania. 

Simply put, come visit us at Briden Farm, where the Maple Syrup is on! There is nothing like tapping a tree, tasting the sap, gathering the sap, boiling it till it reduces to about 1 fortieth of its original volume and experiencing the smell, feel, and taste! It truly is that incredible! 

Now, that whole process, takes several hours! I put in the first three taps, more properly known as Spiles, yesterday morning. We like to start slow, it allows us to get geared, get our system down, and enjoy the process. 

I think the reason I truly enjoy it so much is it really signals the end of Winter! Not to say we might bot have another Storm, or Two, … or Three! (I hope not!) 

Yet, the start of Maple Season signals the end of Winter, the coming of Spring, and sadly, before we know it… 

It’ll All be over on the third night the Peepers Sing! 

Last year, I ran late, and got the first of what is known as Buddy Maple Syrup! It chemically changes once the buds start coming out, or getting ready to emerge on the trees! 

Let you season run to long and You’ll find a difference in taste! Let it go even longer and you’ll see that instead of sweet… You’ll find it Bitter! That’s bittersweet! 

However, what I discovered last year, is there is a very short period, toward the end of the Maple Season, before the sap turns bitter and stops running, that it tastes a lot like a nice Creme Brûlée! Now, that , it seems, is best fresh, as it doesn’t hold the Creme Brûlée taste as long as regular Maple Syrup does! 

We invite You to come visit us at Briden Farm and experience our Maple Syrup, embrace the Smell. Taste, and Feel of Spring! Have Questions? Call ☎️ Brian 902-907-0770 



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