A Very Busy Month

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I think it’s quite possible this has been the first and only time I’ve gone a month without creating a Post! 

Yes! It’s been that busy! 

To be honest, I really don’t even know where to start! 

Guess it’s also only been about twenty three days since our last Post! Let me see if I can bring you up-to-date…

Pete caught his first, and second, mouse! 

The Goats have mostly all moved from Woodland Pastures to Green Grass and are Foraging on Browse in old hay fields on a property we call “The Barn”. 

It’s also the first time Briden Farm Goats have actually had a Barn! 

We’ve been asked, and started, farming a friends property to help keep it from further reverting from farmland to scrub and forest, by using our Goats and Pigs to help enrich the old hay fields with rotational pastures and regenerative farming methods. 

We’ve started filling “The Barn” with Hay for Winter feed.

Our whole operation has expanded and we’re now managing and growing and have expanded our numbers of Goats, Pigs, Ducks, Chickens, and Rabbits! Doing so on two properties in two Counties!

Thankfully the two properties are only a mile apart! 

It’s also helped move us closer to a couple of our goals. Using our animals to help clear and improve other properties using regenerative farming practices. One of our friends refers to it as, “Goats On The Go”. However, we. Au have to change that name a bit, as the name has already been used, as that link shows. I do see They have affiliates so we may look at that. Although we are pretty independent and it’s as easy as using a different name! However, there may be benefits, to becoming their affiliate. The other goal is to become a place for Boarding other people’s animals. One of the challenges to boarding is space. The space situation has, at least in part, been at least partly solved.

So, time will tell as to our best path forward! 

If you really know me, You’ll know that I live my life, and therefore our homestead and farming practices, as we feel led. Recognizing a Higher Power, whom we choose to call God. We’ll continue to seek God’s direction in all areas of our Life. 

We will of course, continue to welcome friends, family. and others, to come embrace, the fun, at Briden Farm where the tea is always on, and the coffee is not far behind! 

To Book a Tour of Briden Farm, please call Brian at Briden Farm, 902-907-0770. 

It’s also now even more necessary for us to call on You for your support! Although we are, at least in part, a traditional  farm, we are also in part working to improve the lives of animals and fowl by giving them the best life possible for as long as possible while employing rotational pastures and regenerative farming measures. Thus we’re requesting you’re help with our ongoing efforts and asking you to Buy Me A Coffee (or Sponsor a Goat, or one of our other friends). Click Here for More Info

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  1. Love to get your farming updates, i can look back on many years of goats, hens, and pig keeping with regular escapes…

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