Loving Our New Podcasting Vlogging Website!

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Ok, so, you’ve probably heard of a Podcast. Right? 
It’s an audio recording of what we might otherwise include in a Blog Post. 

Actually it’s more than that, it’s more personal and often connects at a deeper level. 

Our Briden Farm Podcasting shares our homesteading and farming experiences and other things of interest. Our Categories include Today at Briden Farm, Precious Little Moments, Fireside Chats, Farmhouse Recipes, Briden Farm Animals, and two categories based on our non-farming interests, Growing Your Family Tree where Brian helps you get started finding family and ancestry for free, and Reading Out Loud where we’re currently reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! 

Our new Podcasting Website not only brings all these Podcasts together in an easy to access place online, it also draws in all our YouTube Videos! 

That brings us to Vlogging! Have You heard of that? 

Vlogging is kind of like Blogging, like what we do here on this website. 
The difference is instead of me writing it and you reading, it’s videos! 

Our new Podcasting and Vlogging Website simply makes it easy to access all our Videos and Podcasts in one place! Click Here to Visit Briden Farm Podcasting 

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