Launching Life at Briden Farm

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This is our first Post for the Category, Life at Briden Farm. Our goal is to create a daily journal, providing daily, or almost daily updates of our activities at Briden Farm. 

We want to keep our Main Page as it’s always been with Public Blog Updates. Life at Briden Farm is more geared for those who want to learn more, know more, and follow our activities more closely. 

Over the past couple of weeks in May 2022 we did some testing asking our Briden Farm Group Members on FaceBook, to visit a link to Gardening 2022, written using In about two weeks we had well over 200 views!

So, we decided to expand our reach and find a Journaling system to do that. Unfortunately, although we wanted it to appear on a Page, or under a Category, here on we were unable to make that happen! 

As a result, for those of You who want to dive deeper, follow us more closely, and learn along with us, we’re inviting you to do so at

We’re not asking you to abandon this website, we’re still going to post here, as we always have. Just now, You’ll also be able to enjoy a closer journey with us as we share our Life at Briden Farm

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